Bellevue Office

Directions 10500 N.E. 8th Street
Suite 1400
BellevueWA 98004

Parking instructions

The Bank of America Tower parking garage is at the northeast corner of 8th Street and Bellevue Way N.E. with access from both streets. (The garage is shared by the Hyatt hotel and the Bellevue Place buildings.) Pull a ticket to enter the garage. Visitors may park on Levels 1, 2, and 3. Park near the elevator bank for Wintergarden and Bank of America Tower. Go to Floor 1 or 2, and then exit that elevator and walk south to the elevators designated for Floors 13 through 21. Take the ticket to the Ryan office, on the 14th floor, for validation.

There are designated stalls by the lobbies for short-term parking (3-hour limit). Starting at $2 for up to 30 minutes, parking costs increase by $1 for every additional half hour up to 4 hours at $7. Parking from 4-6 hours is $9; parking from 6-10 hours is $11; 10-24 hours is $25.

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