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Human Capital Tax

Ryan’s Human Capital Tax Services practice helps global corporations minimize business risk and human capital taxes resulting from rapid workforce globalization and increasingly burdensome regulations.

Human Capital Tax Services

Workforce globalization and rapidly increasing regulation are two of the many dynamics driving human capital cost and risk management issues for today’s businesses. Ryan’s Human Capital Tax Services professionals help global corporations minimize business risk and human capital taxes, while improving financial performance and operational effectiveness. We have supported numerous Fortune 500 clients with federal, state, and local employment tax recovery and compliance; federal and state information reporting compliance; multistate tax withholding compliance; and global payroll compliance.

Our consulting services related to human resources process improvement, stock and equity compensation taxation, regulatory issues, tax audit support, enterprise risk management, human resources and payroll systems planning, mergers and acquisitions, organizational restructuring, and Sarbanes-Oxley compliance have improved the efficiency and effectiveness of multinational companies across the world.

Ryan's Suite of Human Capital Tax Services Include:

  • Employment Tax Recovery Review – Ryan delivers a comprehensive review of all federal and state employment tax filings over a three-year period. Our experts routinely obtain employment tax refunds, establish benchmark data for peer-to-peer rate comparisons, and secure state unemployment insurance rate reductions—all for a minimal time commitment from our clients and with little disruption to day-to-day payroll operations.
  • Payroll Apportionment Factor Review – Ryan offers an in-depth review of payroll factor computations to adjust payroll factors with a goal of reducing overall tax liability. Working across client departments, our professionals analyze the impact of potential payroll factor changes between jurisdictions and then amend filings to secure available refunds and credits.
  • State Information Reporting and Income Tax Withholding – Ryan reviews all nonwage payments and Forms 1099 for compliance. Our skilled professionals file amendments, negotiate with state authorities, and work closely with client information technology departments to ensure future compliance and minimize tax exposure.
  • Independent Contractor versus Employee State Determination – Ryan evaluates employee versus independent contractor status over a three-year period to help clients avoid additional federal or state employment taxes, penalties, and interest as a result of noncompliance and in light of new legislation, such as the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Then, we assist clients in establishing and implementing on-boarding procedures to minimize future potential reclassification exposure.
  • State Unemployment Insurance (SUI) Rate Review and Analyses – Ryan seeks opportunities to secure refunds, credits, or SUI rate reductions through our comprehensive review of historical and prospective SUI taxes.
  • Payroll Process and Controls Review and Process Improvement – Ryan benchmarks a client’s current payroll processes and controls with industry peers through a detailed review and procedural recommendations.
  • Multistate Income Tax Withholding and Reporting Compliance – Ryan analyzes state income tax reporting and withholding procedures for payments to key executives and mobile team members, including trailing liabilities associated with stock and equity compensation. Ryan assists clients who have decentralized payroll operations or employees working in multiple states to identify the potential risks of noncompliance in each jurisdiction, assess past exposure, and implement best practices tailored to specific industries.
  • Global Mobility Taxation – Ryan assists clients in navigating complex employment tax withholding and reporting procedures, not only for U.S. citizens but also for foreign nationals. Our international team of experts analyzes tax treaties, Social Security totalization agreements, registration compliance, and information reporting requirements in domestic and foreign jurisdictions.
  • Day-to-Day Global Employment Tax Consulting – Ryan advises clients on areas of stock and equity compensation that impact W-2 reporting, including income tax withholding and reporting at federal, state, local, and international levels; awards; prizes; fringe benefits; and the use of company aircraft and other executive compensation.
  • Internal Review Code Section 1441 Review and Compliance – Ryan guides clients through state income tax withholding associated with payments to nonresident vendors and with federal backup tax withholding requirements. Our experts also work with clients on federal, state, and local protective refund claims.
  • Federal/State/Local Employment Tax Audit Defense – Ryan applies years of expertise in managing employment tax audits and defending against potential assessments to minimize audit exposure and penalties.

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