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GST Recovery

We are known for our ability to find GST recovery opportunities for our clients and to aggressively fight for those dollars, ensuring that no issue or opportunity for GST minimisation is left unrealised.

GST Recovery

Varying degrees of complexity and inconsistencies in international goods and services tax (GST) rules present challenges for businesses managing their GST recovery on a wide range of business purchases and employee expenses. As businesses grow, diversify, and move into new jurisdictions, accurate compliance is progressively more difficult. Small systemic errors multiplied exponentially over time can amount to material overpayments and operational challenges. Ryan assists clients in proactively managing these challenges while providing the necessary resources to prepare, submit, and manage the claims process through repayment from the tax authority.

Ryan offers a comprehensive suite of GST recovery services that protect profitability and shareholder value. Leveraging our proprietary Ryan eReview® software in conjunction with the expert analysis of Ryan’s highly experienced GST consultants, we scour records and processes for GST reduction opportunities and deliver substantial tax savings. Our complete, end-to-end review helps clients identify their GST liabilities and ensure that their systems and processes are efficient and their tax determinations and reporting are accurate. And we provide a confidential reporting package that includes full details of all savings, exposure identification, process improvement opportunities, and an audit trail to source documents.

Ryan employs a proven methodology that strategically identifies every GST recovery opportunity in an accounts payable system. Ryan’s comprehensive report contains valuable advice on enhancing the efficiency of GST-related accounts payable processes and systems.

GST rules across Australia are complex and inconsistent, resulting in businesses incurring non-domestic GST on a wide range of employee expenses and other business purchases. Ryan manages the entire foreign GST review process, from identifying all claimable transactions through successful repayment from the tax authority.

As businesses grow, diversify, and move into new jurisdictions, accurate compliance is increasingly difficult. Small systemic errors multiplied exponentially over time can amount to material overpayments and operational challenges. Ryan GST return reviews ensure that all systems and processes are working efficiently, giving you confidence that the numbers on your GST return are accurate and audit-ready.

During a goods and services tax (GST) recovery review, Ryan consultants utilise Ryan eReview® as a tool in their identification and analysis of potential GST savings opportunities. Refined over the past decade, Ryan eReview is the industry standard in the GST consulting industry. It is used exclusively for the benefit of Ryan clients. Only Ryan eReview is based on 30-plus years of knowledge and best practices in recovery of GST and developed specifically for our proprietary review process. 

As powerful as Ryan eReview is, it is remarkably nonintrusive, and the software is always used in conjunction with the expert analysis of highly qualified Ryan GST experts. All we require is access to the appropriate electronic data, arranged in advance by our certified data and systems specialist. To protect your confidential records, we employ rigorous security safeguards. These include the latest security technology on all computer desktops and laptops. This is in addition to strict security guidelines, restricted file access, client agreements, and personal employment contracts. 

Pioneering and powerful by any standard, Ryan eReview provides clients with the deepest, most accurate analysis of GST payments, including:

  • Customised reviews for each engagement based on the client’s system, G/L accounts, and rate of GST for each period
  • Pre-defined data analysis tools and queries that make identifying potential savings and exposures fast and accurate
  • Powerful drill-down features that provide the ability to analyse transactions in aggregate, as well as to drill down to the individual posting details
  • Transactions targeted with comments that identify opportunities for follow-up to the source documents

Integrated End-to-End Tax Services

Ryan is focused on your overall tax performance—providing innovative solutions to the underlying causes of the errors we identify—and creating greater opportunities to measure and improve your efficiency, develop a more strategic approach to tax, and deliver outstanding value to your shareholders.