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Not sure where to start your tax transformation journey or how it could work with your current processes and data? Let Ryan show you.

Whether you have already developed your vision for your tax function or have yet to understand the possibilities—a common question we are asked is, what could this look like for me?

It’s an easy question to ask but more difficult to answer. Every transformation journey starts with a proof of concept—a small project to bring the automation to life—showing you one of your processes, with your data, fully automated. 

It’s all part of Ryan’s unique hands-on approach, which changes theory into practice—showing you and others in your organisation how beneficial and achievable the transformation could be to your business.  

Ryan has worked with many clients to build proof of concept automations in as little as two to three weeks. We want you to be next. 

Examples of automation projects include:

  • A simple global cost allocation process for transfer pricing
  • Transactional tests on AP data for a VAT return process
  • Initial data preparation and analysis tasks as part of a PAYE Settlement Agreement (PSA) process

Our process is simple:

Step 1: Discovery

  • We begin with a short call, so we can see the existing manual process steps, which we will automate as part of the proof of concept—ideally a time-consuming step or two requiring large volumes of data that are repetitive and low value.

Step 2: Proof of Concept

  • We then have a discussion with your IT team to understand what tools, if any, your organisation already has in place so that, where possible, we can build your proof of concept utilising Ryan’s instance of the same solutions.

Step 3: Assets Delivery

  • You send us the example source data and output file/template.

Step 4: Automated Process

  • Within two to three weeks, we present you with an automated process that replicates your manual process but is completed in a matter of seconds.

Step 5: Video Demo

  • We send you a short video of our process working, which you may share with other stakeholders to bring to life the opportunities and, more importantly, the value of a broader business case.

All you need is a process, data, and the vision to get started. Take your first step today, and let Ryan show you how automation can transform your tax function.


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