Building a Tax Centre of Excellence

Building a Tax Center of Excellence, by Jon Sweet
By: Jon C. Sweet, President, European and Asia-Pacific Operations

CEOs and tax leaders are facing growing pressure to increase the strategic value of their tax department while faced with limited resources and disparate data systems. Despite the emerging trends and challenges facing tax executives, an opportunity exists to develop a compelling case for change. In this article by Chief Executive, Jon C. Sweet, Ryan’s President, Europe and Asia-Pacific, provides insight into how CEOs can build a Tax Centre of Excellence that functions as a creative strategic partner and operates more like a profit centre than a cost centre.



About the Author

Jon Sweet, President, European and Asia-Pacific Operations  

With 26 years of industry experience, Jon has served in a variety of executive roles that have focused on identifying changing client needs in the marketplace and driving expansion of Ryan’s global presence. He currently divides his time as principal-in-charge of the Firm’s Scottsdale office and Ryan’s London location where he leads Ryan’s European and Asia-Pacific operations, develops key strategic initiatives for client service, and directs the Firm’s organic international growth.

Jon has lectured on various tax and business process topics for organisations such as CFO Summits, Council On State Taxation (COST), and the Tax Executives Institute (TEI).

Jon C. Sweet
President, European and Asia-Pacific Operations
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