Evolving Your Tax Function

A Different Approach to Tax Transformation

Tax functions are under more pressure than ever, as authorities increase their demands for detailed data. This trend will only accelerate, and in some jurisdictions, it is already happening. Within 10 years, traditional tax returns will most likely be replaced by real-time data sharing with authorities and periodic tax reclaims. Tax functions need to prepare for this and adjust how they work to focus more on real-time data insight, so they understand exactly what to share before they share it.

At the same time, budgets for improving tax operations are increasingly tight. Securing funds for the transformation, as well as proving its value, is difficult. However, Ryan has the answer. We have combined our expertise for finding additional cash flow and budget, with our market-leading transformation expertise. In short, we can help you deliver the transformation you need without having to seek budget from elsewhere in your organisation.

In addition, Ryan has a truly Different Approach to Tax Transformation, bringing you:

Deep Expertise – The world’s largest Firm dedicated exclusively to business taxes, with global tax, technology, and transformation experts solely focused on delivering value to your tax function. 

Flexible Support – An extension of your tax team, working with existing systems, data, processes, and controls to capture value cost-effectively and sustainably.

Focus on Delivery – A highly operational and proactive approach, with market-leading reputation for solving complex problems to help clients make significant progress.

Ryan’s market-leading tax transformation team has worked with some of the world’s largest companies to help them redefine their tax and finance functions, so they are future fit, efficient, and effective. We partner with our clients to custom design and deliver the right operating model for their business requirements. From assessing your tax situation to advising on current processes, we help you rethink how to adapt to change, guiding you through your tax transformation journey.

We can help you build your Tax Centre of Excellence that is:

Efficient and Consistent – Automate, standardise, and streamline processes and controls to free up valuable time and increase confidence.

Scalable and Flexible – Scale when needed and adapt to emerging requirements. 

Proactive – Understand and track data, risks, processes, and controls; identify future cost savings and refund claims; and turn your tax function into a profit center.

Integrated – Utilise existing organisation’s tools and systems to become a master of real-time data and a valued business partner.

The following are examples of the transformation projects we have undertaken with our clients.

Transfer Pricing

  • Cloud-based report writer for local BEPS file
  • Automated CBCR master file submissions
  • Data analytics
  • Global cost allocation routines
  • Global intercompany transaction and financing automation

Indirect Tax and Withholding Taxes

  • VAT AP and AR data analytics
  • VAT partial exemption automation
  • End-to-end VAT MTD process automation
  • Tax engine implementations – determination and compliance/reporting

Corporate Income Tax Compliance

  • Automated expenditure analysis for tax specific line items
  • PSA process automation
  • Capital allowances/fixed asset addition automation
  • Automated corporate income tax return processes

Tax Management

  • Cloud-based global compliance hub
  • Tax risk management dashboards
  • Automated monitoring of KPIs

Corporate Tax Provisioning and Reporting

  • Automated end-to-end tax provision process
  • Automated data sourcing, reconciliations, application of local tax logic, and reconciliations
  • Automated production of journal files
  • Creation of “near time” provisioning process, replacing annual exercises with monthly data analytics
  • Integration of tax provisioning process with other process automations (e.g., stat account preparation, tax compliance)
  • ETR tracking and analytics

Research and Development (R&D) Tax Credits

  • Automated identification of qualifying project spend in “near time”
  • Automated production of R&D claim reports, including replacement of face-to-face interviews with questionnaire logic

Consulting Projects

  • Technology and data strategy workshops
  • Proof of Concepts for business case development
  • Process, systems, and data assessments to define “what good looks like”
  • ERP/EPM tax configurations

Payroll Taxes

  • Global “shadow” payroll tax calculation methodologies – building local calculations to a single global template and automating testing of data

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Tax Transformation – Evolving Your Tax Function

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