Enquiry Resolution Service for HMRC R&D Tax Relief Enquiries

It is now more important than ever to ensure your research and development (R&D) tax relief claims are compliant with the relevant guidance. HMRC has rightly, in recent years, increased its levels of diligence in the examination of all claims. If examined, will you be confident your claim was built responsibly and can be defended in its entirety? R&D enquiries can be a long and laborious process; however, our specialists are here to help and support you and your business. 

Ryan’s R&D Enquiry Support Service

From initial enquiry notifications to providing detailed responses, we’re by your side. Our service covers document preparation, strategic communication with HMRC officials, and thorough representation during any hearings or meetings.

Our expert team of technical specialists, tax analysts, and chartered accountants is committed to resolving enquiries from HMRC. We stand by every one of our clients’ claims and, as your dedicated partner, strive for a smooth and successful outcome to any enquiry.

If you are a claimant that is currently being affected by an enquiry, whatever the stage, or if you are an accountant/adviser that has submitted R&D claims on behalf of clients, we are here to help.

Our service includes the following:



A comprehensive review of all your claim documentation and correspondence to date.

Expert advice from our seasoned tax professionals who have a deep understanding of HMRC procedures, R&D tax relief regulations, and a proven track record in successfully resolving HMRC R&D enquiries.


Preparation of a detailed strategic report, highlighting areas to concentrate on, areas of weakness, and other observations to help you/your client proceed with the enquiry with our further knowledge at your disposal.

 Expert Guidance

Direct communication with HMRC throughout the duration of the enquiry, reviewing all HMRC correspondence and providing clear and concise responses to all queries on your behalf, whilst safeguarding your interests. In the event of meetings or hearings, we will act as your advocate, ensuring your case is presented convincingly and in accordance with HMRC guidelines.

If we can’t add any value, we will not prepare the detailed report; however, we will provide you with a document that contains suitable reasons for our decision and guidance on possible next steps you can take. 

After your HMRC R&D enquiry has been resolved, we will offer our support for any ongoing R&D tax relief claims. This ensures your future claims have followed any feedback from the enquiry and are as robust as possible to prevent any further investigation.

Do you need help with an HMRC enquiry into your R&D tax credit claim?

Our dedicated R&D enquiry resolution team is here to be your ally in securing the best outcome for your business and to safeguard your investments in innovation. Let us take control of your R&D enquiry and handle the complexities of the enquiry process, allowing you to focus on what you do best – driving innovation within your business.

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