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Crown Royalty

Ryan significantly reduces Canadian crown royalty liabilities by leveraging our critical knowledge of government regulatory and compliance procedures, backed by years of experience addressing similar complex state severance tax issues in the United States.

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Crown Royalty Services

Ryan professionals have expertise in all facets of oil and gas taxation and royalty application, with years of experience in governmental auditing, "big oil” management, and national public accounting. As a result, our professionals understand all aspects of incentive and deduction application and compliance—from identification of the opportunity through the application and calculation process, and finally to reporting. Our comprehensive services include: 

  • Gas cost allowables (GCA) recalculation services
  • Gas cost allowables (GCA) process initiatives
  • Incentive identification and verification services
  • General crown royalty incentive and deduction advisory services

Our process includes extensive offsite research and due diligence to target specific incentive and Gas Cost Allowable (GCA) credit opportunities available to the client, well before the engagement begins. Central to our methodology is the exact pinpointing of every opportunity—right down to the lease, the parties on the lease, facilities involved, and the time periods affected—leaving nothing unexplored. 

We identify all properties and facilities that could qualify for an incentive or deduction. We use read-only access of the client’s compliance filings to determine what had been previously reported, and conduct an extensive secondary review to ensure that all available opportunities have been maximized. Once opportunities have been identified and verified, we prepare the claim with support and appropriate documentation acceptable to both our client and the provincial authorities. 

Ryan does the majority of the work off-site, requiring minimal client participation by utilizing current client records and information readily available in the public forum. As a result, the project is completely unobtrusive. After each engagement, we provide strategic recommendations for process enhancements that will minimize future crown royalty liabilities.

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Ryan has been a tremendous business partner for many years through assisting Energen Resources in addressing complex multistate severance tax issues and in reducing our tax burden.
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Ryan is focused on your overall tax performance, providing innovative solutions to the underlying causes of the errors we identify and creating greater opportunities to measure and improve your efficiency, develop a more strategic approach to tax, and deliver outstanding value to your shareholders.