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Ryan relentlessly searches out smart, innovative ways of cutting through regulations, legislation, and global tariffs until we’ve delivered truly significant opportunities to recover customs duty overpayments.

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Customs Duty Services

In an age where tight budgets and scarce resources are combined with rapidly emerging global markets and increasing customs duty payments, it is more important than ever that accounting departments have a customs duty solution that will make their job easier while protecting the bottom line. Ryan’s Customs Duty practice provides non-intrusive reviews of all import transactions and related documentation that will identify and recover all customs duty overpayments, ensuring: 

  • The proper classification of goods under the harmonised System tariff
  • The preferential trade agreements, preferential tariff treatments, and respective rates of duty have been applied to your goods
  • Your goods have been correctly valued in accordance with the Customs Valuation regulations

And in complex situations, Ryan will prepare and secure favourable customs rulings prior to submitting refund requests, thus ensuring proper tariff classification, protecting your compliance with the Canada Border Service Agency, and helping you keep more of what’s yours in the future.

Tariff Classification and Duty Relief Services

Our reviews ensure goods and materials have been correctly classified in accordance with the Customs Tariff. Ryan professionals closely analyze each tariff classification, investigating alternatives to secure the lowest possible duty rates and ensure compliance with the appropriate application of the tariff. We proactively consider accelerated tariff items, orders in council, end use, and other duty relief mechanisms to provide additional savings opportunities. In complex situations, we prepare and secure advanced rulings prior to submitting refund applications, ensuring that proper classifications are applied to protect our client’s reputation with the Canada Border Services Agency.

Tariff Treatment Services

Ryan’s Customs Duty professionals examine the points of origin for goods and materials, ensuring full utilization of any preferential free-trade agreements and other preferential tariff treatments. Certificates of Origin are reviewed for completeness and requested from vendors/exporters when necessary to support duty relief.

Valuation Services

We thoroughly examine documentation to ensure it is in accordance with Value for Duty regulations, determining if goods and materials have been valued correctly. Our comprehensive reviews examine numerous complex issues, including importer of record, terms of sale, cash and trade discounts, settlement currencies, freight charges, and credits, as well as transactions from both related and non-related parties.

Compliance Services

While reviewing the classification, tariff treatment, and valuation of goods and materials, our consultants identify and investigate inconsistencies to ensure accurate Customs reporting and compliance. Areas of potential exposure are discussed in detail. We advise our clients on implementing critical processes and systems that reduce risk and increase compliance.

Reporting Services

Within four weeks after completing an onsite review, clients receive a full written report that includes detailed schedules summarizing all refunds. The report clearly identifies all areas of retroactive duty recoveries and includes copies of amended entries and other supporting documentation. In addition, Ryan’s Customs consultants assist and guide clients on any import issues that may need clarification or assistance.

Customs Audit Defence and Appeals Services

Ryan has decades of experience successfully managing customs audits, scouring every detail in a pending assessment to identify customs duty and penalty minimization opportunities. We determine which issues merit an appeal, as well as the likelihood of success for each, evaluating and preparing detailed findings and case arguments for presentation to the Canada Border Services Agency.

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