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We minimize our client’s global corporate tax rate while managing relevant exposures through effective income tax planning and compliance solutions.

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Income Tax Services

Ryan’s Income Tax practice provides unrestricted, strategic solutions for proactively addressing Canadian income tax liabilities.  We deliver domestic and international corporations a comprehensive suite of strategic solutions to manage Canadian inbound and outbound tax requirements. We offer services to outsource or resource tax department functionality in order to measure and improve efficiency and develop a more strategic and integrated approach to tax.  And we provide proven processes and technologies that deliver unmatched savings while reducing the burden of income and capital tax compliance.

Income and Captial Tax Compliance Services

Ryan’s compliance solutions are tailored to fit our clients’ unique requirements. From completion of tax forms based on information provided to tax return preparation from start to finish, we provide comprehensive federal and provincial income and capital tax compliance services backed by unparalleled quality assurance. 

Scientific Research and Experimental Development (“SR&ED”) Reviews Services

Canada has a generous tax incentive system in place to encourage investment in research and development. However, the SR&ED program rules are complex and claims require a significant amount of supporting documentation. Ryan’s tax professionals can assist in identifying which of your projects are eligible for SR&ED tax incentives, and in the collection of supporting documentation and filing of the claim. Of course, Ryan will also be there if needed to defend a claim on audit by the tax authorities.

Tax Return Review Services

Ryan’s income tax professionals leverage years of experience to review tax returns and ensure our clients are paying the correct amount of tax—no more, no less. We also review past tax returns to ensure that our clients are claiming all of the benefits they are entitled to and have properly supported controversial tax positions.

Audit Representation Services

In the current economic environment, governments are more aggressive than ever in finding new sources of revenue. Ryan helps clients manage their audit process from beginning to end, ensuring that their tax burden is minimized to the fullest extent possible. Ryan professionals handle the arduous process of producing records for the tax authorities and securing files that build the case. As needed, we meet with auditors to clearly identify all positions that impact our client’s ability to achieve a favourable outcome.

Research and Consulting Services

Ryan professionals provide Canadian income tax research and consulting services to help clients operate their business in the most tax-efficient manner. We combine broad industry experience with years of practical knowledge to deliver innovative solutions to complicated tax problems.

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Integrated End-to-End Tax Services

Ryan is focused on your overall tax performance, providing innovative solutions to the underlying causes of the errors we identify and creating greater opportunities to measure and improve your efficiency, develop a more strategic approach to tax, and deliver outstanding value to your shareholders.