#AskTheExpert About Income Tax Best Practices

Tax season is underway and important deadlines are rapidly approaching.

Are you prepared to file and avoid potential penalties? 

Learn about key income tax concerns for small businesses and entrepreneurs in the latest episode of Moneris’s newest podcast, Shop Talk.

Shop Talk Podcast is a monthly podcast hosted and produced by Allan Grego, Emerging Channels Communication Manager at Moneris. Each month, Allan speaks to industry leaders and innovators, inviting them to share their insights on businesses’ latest news and important topics.

The April edition of Shop Talk features Ryan Principal Clyde Seymour, CPA, CA, and MACC, in the “Ask the Expert” segment, takes listeners through what lies ahead in tax season for small business owners and entrepreneurs, and answers common questions about income tax and filing requirements.

Clyde Seymour is a seasoned international tax expert with more than 20 years of international tax experience in both the public and private sectors, managing issues across multiple industries for mid-market companies and Fortune 500 multinational corporations.

Clyde shares his expertise on several topics that impact business owners and entrepreneurs, including:

  • The practical tax implications of running a business as an individual/sole proprietor or through incorporation;
  • Due dates for various types of tax filings;
  • Potential tax installment requirements; and
  • The importance of keeping adequate records.

Clyde Seymou featured on Moneris's Shop Talk Podcast

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