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Quebec TVQ. 201-3, “Documentary requirements for claiming input tax refunds: procurement cards”

Tax Development Apr 10, 2008

Quebec recently released this bulletin to outline the province’s position with respect to the documentary requirements that must be satisfied by registrants in order to claim input tax refunds (ITRs) in respect of purchases made using a procurement card. The primary purpose of this bulletin is to outline the process that allows eligible registrants to claim ITRs for procurement card purchases,based on an estimated amount of Quebec Sales Tax (QST) paid or payable, which is established using ratios.

Please note that this publication is not available on Revenue Quebec’s website, but clients of Ryan can request a copy by calling the Ryan TaxDirect® line.

Manitoba Information Bulletin No. 108, “Taxation Changes – 2008 Budget”

Manitoba released this bulletin to advise taxpayers of the taxation changes, including Retail Sales Tax changes, announced by Manitoba Finance Minister Greg Selinger in his Budget Address on April 9, 2008.

MB Bulletin 108