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CRA GST/HST Notice No. 230

Tax Development Jan 23, 2008

“First Nations Goods and Services Tax (FNGST) imposed by Shuswap, Akisqnuk, Lower Kootenay, St. Mary’s and Tobacco Plains First Nations”

On January 1, 2008, the First Nations Goods and Services Tax (“FNGST” will apply to supplies made on the lands of the Shuswap First Nation, Akisqnuk First Nation, Lower Kootenay First Nation, St. Mary’s First Nation, Tobacco Plains First Nation. The FNGST is designed to work within the GST/HST framework. No additional forms or changes to registration will be required as vendors will simply apply the FNGST to their supplies of goods and services in the same manner as the GST/HST.