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British Columbia Ministry of Finance Information Bulletin

Tax Development Jan 14, 2010

The province of British Columbia has announced new rebates of the provincial component of the proposed HST, for qualifying schools, universities, public colleges and hospital authorities.  These rebates will help ensure that, on average, these institutions do not pay more tax when HST is implemented in the province on July 1, 2010.   

Effective July 1, 2010, the province intends to provide rebates of the provincial portion of HST of:

  • 87 per cent for eligible schools;
  • 75 per cent for eligible universities and public colleges;
  • 58 per cent for eligible hospital and health authorities; and
  • 58 per cent for eligible facility operators and external suppliers.  

All entities that are currently entitled to the GST rebate will be eligible for the provincial HST rebate.  The provincial rebates, together with the GST rebate, will be administered by the Canada Revenue Agency.  

These rebates are in addition to the rebates of the provincial portion of HST previously announced:

  • 75 per cent for municipalities; and
  • 57 per cent for charities and qualifying non-for-profit organizations.

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