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British Columbia Notice 2010-013, “Final Supplemental PST Returns and Applicable Extensions”

Tax Development Nov 12, 2010

The province of British Columbia has issued this notice to remind taxpayers when the final supplemental PST returns must be submitted to the Ministry of Finance.  Where PST has been collected or becomes payable after June 30, 2010, a supplemental return, along with the tax due, must be submitted by the 23rd day of the following month.

All PST that is not payble on an earlier date under the Act, is payable and due by December 31, 2010.  All supplemental returns must be filed and any PST due remitted on or before January 23, 2011.  Taxpayers may only claim a commission on supplemental returns filed on or before January 23, 2011.  

The notice also explains the limited circumstances where an extension of these due dates may be provided.  

BC Notice 2010-013