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Saskatchewan Finance News Release, “Province to be Flexible with Sales Tax Filers Hit by Flooding”

Tax Development May 16, 2011

The Saskatchewan Ministry of Finance has announced that businesses affected by flooding may be eligible for relief from penalty and interest charges that result from late filing of sales tax returns.  Where businesses are unable to file their provincial return by the due date (the 20th day of the month following the end of the reporting period) because of flooding, they may submit a written request to the ministry to have the penalty and interest charges waived.  The request must include the location of the business and the details of how flooding prevented the taxpayer from filing their returns by the due date.

Taxpayers are reminded that returns may be filed using the Saskatchewan Electronic Tax Service (SETS) at           

Requests should be mailed to the address indicated in the news release, and marked as a flood related request.  

SK Flood Notice