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Manitoba Information Bulletin Updates

Tax Development Jul 10, 2012

Two information bulletins were revised by the province of Manitoba as a result of changes announced in the 2012 provincial budget on April 17, 2012.  

Information Bulletin No. 030 “Summary of Taxable and Exempt Goods and Services was updated to include recycled asphalt to the list of tax-exempt tangible personal property, and to add certain personal services and insurance contracts to the list of taxable items for Manitoba Retail Sales Tax (RST) purposes.  Further information on the tax status of personal services and insurance contracts may be found in our tax developments in May 2012 and June 2012 under “Manitoba Information Bulletins” and “REVISED: Manitoba Information Bulletin No. 061, "Insurance"  

Information Bulletin No. 012 “Motor Vehicle and Trailer Dealers” now includes a discussion on the tax status of certain contracts of insurance, such as cargo insurance and group creditor insurance, which are both taxable as of July 15, 2012. Also, Manitoba RST amounts required to be remitted on “temporary” dealer-use vehicles were updated to $40 per month for new vehicles and $20 per month for used vehicles (previously, $30 and $15, respectively).