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BC Website Available to Verify PST Registration Numbers

Tax Development Jul 18, 2013

Similar to CRA’s GST/HST Registry, you can now verify whether a business has a valid British Columbia Provincial Sales Tax (“PST”) registration number when they request an exemption from paying PST. This service is both free and optional. 

To verify a PST number, all you need is your customer's 8-digit BC PST number, as well as their CRA Business Number (the first nine digits of their GST/HST number).  The website will then provide a date-stamped result.  We recommend that a copy of this confirmation be retained on file to substantiate the exemption in the event of an audit.  Failure to provide sufficient documentation could result in an assessment of the tax that should have been collected, plus penalties and interest.

You can access this website at: PST Number Verification Service.