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British Columbia Issues Three New Bulletins

Tax Development Jul 31, 2013

British Columbia continues to issue and revise bulletins containing general information on the application of the Provincial Sales Tax (“PST”) that came into effect on April 1, 2013. Several bulletins have been issued discussing: exemptions from PST available for First Nations; the nursery and garden store industry; and the restaurant and food services industry. In addition a bulletin has been revised regarding the self-assessment of motor fuel and carbon taxes. 

Bulletin PST 314, “Exemptions for First Nations”

Dealing with First Nations? This new bulletin tells you everything you need to know about granting exemptions on sales and leases to First Nation individuals and bands.  This includes the conditions under which the PST should not be charged, as well as specifics for goods, services, and improvements to real property.

Please note these exemptions do not apply to First Nation governments that have a treaty in effect or to citizens of the Nisga’a Nation. 

Bulletin PST 128, “Nurseries and Garden Stores”

Businesses in this industry will find this bulletin a handy reference tool which includes lists of taxable and exempt items.  It also discusses other general topics such as the purchase of taxable business assets, goods for resale, bonus items and promotional materials.

Bulletin PST 119, “Restaurants”

Restaurants and businesses in the food services industry can refer to this new bulletin for a list of both taxable and non-taxable sales and purchases.  In addition, this document discusses the application of tax to containers, packaging materials, and other supplies commonly used in this industry.  It also covers general information on buying and selling a business, along with information on how to deal with improvements to real property.

Bulletin MFT-CT 006, “Self-Assessing Motor Fuel and Carbon Tax”

This bulletin has been updated for changes regarding the application of motor fuel tax to propane, including details on when and how to self-assess and pay tax on that fuel. This bulletin does not apply to registered consumers who have already obtained certificates, e.g. registered air services or registered marine services.

This bulletin also does not apply to commercial airlines, commercial marine services or to the fuel used in International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) commercial motor vehicles transporting passengers and/or goods between jurisdictions.