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Taxpayer Relief Measures Available to Canadians Affected by Flooding in Alberta

Tax Development Jun 26, 2013

The Canada Revenue Agency has issued a press release to notify taxpayers that have been affected by the recent flooding in Alberta that they will have access to the CRA’s taxpayer relief provisions, if they are unable to meet their tax obligations.

Corporations, business owners and self-employed individuals who are unable to file their income tax returns by July 2 due to the flooding or other circumstances beyond their control, are eligible for relief.  Taxpayers can apply to have interest and/or penalties waived or cancelled using form RC4288, “Request for Taxpayer Relief.”

An additional news release was issued on June 26, 2013 that confirms the Canada Revenue Agency will proactively adjust the due date for all federal business and other returns filed in Alberta that were due during the flooding. Taxpayers that file a federal return by August 2, 2013 will be considered to have filed on time.

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