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RQ Releases Updated Rates For Taxable Benefits Related To Hotel And Restaurant Employees

Tax Development Oct 09, 2013

Revenue Quebec has released an updated version of Interpretation Bulletin IMP 37-1, revision 23, to provide businesses in the hotel and restaurant industry new rates for the calculation of taxable benefits received or enjoyed by hotel or restaurant employees by reason of their office or employment.

The rates, effective January 1, 2014, have increased as follows:

  • in determining the value of meals provided free of charge or at a cost that is less than the fair market value – the maximum value of a meal (including GST and QST) will be $7.67, up from $7.41; and
  • in determining the value of lodging provided rent-free or for a rent that is less fair market value – the maximum weekly rate (including GST and QST) has increased to $48.25 from $47.50.