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Northwest Territories Budget 2014 

Tax Development Feb 07, 2014

On February 6, 2014, the Honourable J. Michael Miltenberger, Minister of Finance, presented the Northwest Territories budget, which reflects the government’s commitment to manage spending and achieve its fiscal goals.

Consistent with last year’s budget, there are no new taxes for fiscal 2014-2015.  However, effective April 1, 2014, property tax mill rates and other fees will be adjusted for inflation in accordance with the government’s inflation indexation policy.  In addition, effective February 1, 2014, the tax rate on loose tobacco increased to 26.6 cents per gram from 20.0 cents per gram due to this same inflation indexing policy.  Despite the continued slow revenue growth in the territories, the government plans to strategically invest in infrastructure and will continue to constrain expenditure growth.  The budget is projecting a $200 million operating surplus in 2014-2015.

Additional information on the Northwest Territories Budget 2014-2015 is available on the Ministry of Finance website at: 

Northwest Territories Budget 2014