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British Columbia Revises Bulletins for Boats and Aircraft 

Tax Development Oct 24, 2014

British Columbia (“BC”) recently updated two bulletins, PST 108, “Boats” and PST 134, “Aircraft” which describe how Provincial Sales Tax (“PST”) applies to boats, aircraft and aircraft parts.  Generally, boats purchased, leased or received as gifts in BC are taxable, unless a specific exemption applies.  Similarly, non-turbine aircraft purchased, leased or received as a gift in BC are subject to PST; however, aircraft powered by a turbine engine, including parts for these aircraft, are specifically exempt from PST.

In addition to including information on filing electronically using eTaxBC, the province also clarified:

  • how the depreciation rate is calculated per 30-day period for partial years for boats; and
  • how PST applies to certain goods that are consumed during use; specifically, PST applies to materials (e.g., sheet metal and bulk wire), even when used to make parts, as well as gases and liquids for all aircraft.