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New Election for Nil Consideration Form Published by Revenu Québec

Tax Development Feb 03, 2015

In line with the release of form RC4616 by the Canada Revenue Agency (“CRA”), to be used for the election to permit closely-related Canadian corporations registered for GST/HST purposes to do business with each other without charging GST/HST, Revenu Québec has also published a new form, FP4616. 

For all elections effective January 1, 2015, this form should be completed by specified members of a qualifying group of closely related corporations or partnerships that are registered for QST purposes.   Eligible entities with an election in place as of December 31, 2014 will be required to file a new election, and will have to do so on or after January 1, 2015 and before January 1, 2016.   This form allows taxpayers to complete the election for both QST and GST/HST purposes and should be filed with Revenu Québec.

The new election form can be found here: