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Manitoba Information Bulletin Updates

Tax Development Jun 30, 2015

After announcing several minor commodity tax initiatives in the April 30, 2015 budget, Manitoba has made the required updates to some of the information bulletins, as outlined below:

  • Manitoba Information Bulletin 002, “Drugs, Medical Equipment and Supplies” was updated to include enuresis devices to control bedwetting to the exempt equipment and supplies for disabled people. The update also added learning sensory products for people with Autism to the exempt items with a prescription/written order from a medical practitioner; 
  • Manitoba Information Bulletin 019, “Municipalities, Municipal Governments and Local Government Districts” shows an enhanced exemption for flood control goods and services by adding sandbag filling machines to the list of qualifying items; and 
  • Manitoba Information Bulletin 039, “Film, Video and Audio Productions” extends the exemption for broadcast productions to those made available on the internet by expanding the meaning of “exhibition or broadcast to the public”.