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Saskatchewan Revises Several PST Bulletins

Tax Development Jun 29, 2015

The Saskatchewan Ministry of Finance updated the following PST bulletins:

  • Information Bulletin PST-2, “Information for Grocery and Drug Stores” to outline a new exemption, effective July 1, 2015, on feminine hygiene products;
  • Information Bulletin PST-29, “Information for Autobody Shops” adding a section on inspection and diagnostic services;
  • Information Bulletin PST-42, “Information for Vendors of Medical Equipment and Supplies” highlighting the exemption for feminine hygiene products, noted above, and  expanding on the application of tax to goods and services acquired for an organization’s own use;
  • Information Bulletin PST-43, “Information for Industrial and Construction Equipment Dealers and Suppliers” with revisions to the section dealing with “Repair Parts, Repair Labour and Service Labour” and
  • Information Bulletin PST-63, “Information Regarding Sales to First Nations Individuals and Organizations” to clarify that a joint purchase between a status Indian and non-status individual is subject to tax and adding information concerning exemptions that may be available on purchases by a general partnership.