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CRA Releases Notice of Objection and Audit Information Publications

Tax Development Apr 03, 2019

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) recently released publications AD-19-01, “Audit Agreement and Waiver of Objection Rights Guidelines,” and AD-19-02, “Obtaining Information for Audit Purposes.

Issued by the CRA’s Policy and Technical Working Group, AD-19-01 provides direction on establishing an audit agreement with taxpayers and obtaining a Waiver of Objection Rights. The new publication replaces a previously issued document on the same subject and notes that audit agreements and waivers under this policy differ from situations in which a taxpayer concurs with the issues identified by an auditor during an audit. In the latter case, a taxpayer’s agreement does not prevent it from filing a Notice of Objection later.

Similarly, AD-19-02 supersedes previous publications on the subject and provides guidance on the CRA’s policy regarding the collection of information from taxpayers and third parties while administering and enforcing federal tax legislation. The new publication highlights the various records and documents that CRA officials are authorized to examine in executing their duties and notes key considerations for CRA officials when determining what information is to be requested from a taxpayer or third party.