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Saskatchewan updates Information for Businesses Providing Services to Real Property

Tax Development Jun 10, 2019

Saskatchewan recently updated Saskatchewan Information Bulletin PST-12 and Saskatchewan Information Bulletin PST-38 to highlight the following:

  • Surety bonds are considered insurance products and any fees and/or premiums paid by the contractor to receive the bond is subject to PST. However, the contractor would not be required to collect PST when these fees are reimbursed by a principal where they are listed separately on the invoice.
  • Builders of NEW residential or commercial properties are required to collect PST on the retail selling price of the premises less an amount equal to the fair market value of the land.
  • PST applies to consulting and supervision services related to the oversight or assistance with the completion of a taxable service.
  • Consulting and supervision services related to exempt or non-taxable services are not subject to PST.
  • Grave digging and sprinkler blowout services are exempt from the PST.