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Saskatchewan updates Information on Non-resident Contractor Bonding and Clearance Process

Tax Development Jun 10, 2019

Saskatchewan recently released an Information Notice and updated several Information Bulletins to highlight the province's non-resident contractor bonding and clearance process. These new or revised publications are listed below: 

Saskatchewan requires non-resident contractors consuming or using equipment during the completion of a real property contract to either:

  • post a guarantee bond or cash deposit equivalent to 6% of the total contract amount with the Ministry of Finance, Revenue Division; or
  • receive a clearance letter from the Ministry of Finance that can be provided to the contract principal.

The province also reminds contract principals that they have a responsibility to make sure the non-resident contractors they hire are conforming with this process. Where a contract principal does not obtain a clearance letter or proof of bonding from its contractor it is encouraged to withhold 6% (i.e., PST) of any amount invoiced by the contractor.