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Canada Revenue Agency Introduces Digital Online Authorization Processes

Tax Development Feb 01, 2020

On February 10, 2020, Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) will introduce new digital processes for representatives to request online authorizations.

  • A new e-authorization process for representatives will be available for online access to individual tax accounts through a web form on the Represent a Client portal;
  • The AUT-01 form will replace form T1013 and will be used to request offline access to individual and business tax accounts. Representatives should note that submission of the AUT-01 will override a previous submission of a T1013 and representatives will lose online access to the taxpayers account with the new submission; and
  • Representatives for individual tax accounts will no longer have their representation cancelled when the taxpayer passes on. This will eliminate the need to have representative reauthorized after the client’s death.

For further details, refer to the CRA announcement at the following link:
We’re introducing new ways to do authorizations online