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British Columbia Introduces Major Events Municipal and Regional District Tax

Tax Development Nov 09, 2022

On October 31, 2022, British Columbia announced that it will introduce a special Municipal and Regional District Tax (MRDT) of up to 2.5% for “Major Events.” This new tax will be time-limited and is separate from the MRDT rates that currently apply to short-term accommodations in various locations throughout the province.

The Major Events MRDT will apply to short-term accommodation supplies within a municipality or regional district hosting an internationally recognized tourism event that is expected to draw a significant number of visitors from outside British Columbia, but only after the jurisdiction has applied for and received approval from the province. 

The province has indicated that the broad criteria for Major Events MRDT approval will be:

  • An agreement in place with the Ministry of Tourism, Arts, Culture and Sport to ensure that the tax will be time-limited, used as intended, and publicly transparent; and
  • Designation of the event as a “major international tourism event of provincial significance” by the Ministry of Finance.

The Major Events MRDT is intended to generate revenue to help offset the cost to a community of hosting a major international event, such as the upcoming FIFA World Cup 2026 matches that will be played in Vancouver.

Further information on the introduction of this new type of MRDT can be found in the Ministry of Finance News Release. If you have any questions about the potential impact of this upcoming change, please contact the Ryan TaxDirect® line at or 1.800.667.1600.