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Tax Alert | Manitoba Property Tax Deadlines Approaching

Tax Development May 20, 2022

When was the last time you reviewed your property assessment? Taxpayers are reminded that the 2023 Manitoba general property tax assessment cycle will begin in June of 2022.

Manitoba is traditionally on a two-year assessment cycle; however, because of COVID-19, this cycle had been extended by one year. The new assessment cycle is an ideal opportunity to review the fairness of your assessment and potentially challenge it to lower your property taxes.

Who can appeal?

  • A person in whose name a property has been assessed (i.e., the owner); or
  • An occupier of premises who is required under the terms of a lease to pay the taxes on the property.

For any inquiries or if your assessment requires additional review, please forward a copy of each Notice of Assessment to our team at:

Key Dates

The valuation reference date for this assessment cycle will be April 1, 2021. In other words, assessments will be based on the market value expected as of that date.

Several of the largest municipalities in Manitoba will start opening their assessment rolls in June. Once the notice is received, the review period will begin. The review period in Manitoba is typically only 25 days.

Major Manitoba 2023 Property Tax Assessment Appeal Deadlines


Appeal Deadline


June 28, 2022

City of Brandon

September 19, 2022

City of Selkirk

October 18, 2022


November 1, 2022

Other Municipalities

Various Dates


Key Considerations

When reviewing your property tax assessment and considering whether it should be challenged, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Has the assessment been reviewed or appealed in recent years?
  • Is the assessment equitable with that of similar properties?
  • Have all economic changes in the market as of the reference date been properly reflected in the valuation?
  • Are non-assessable items, such as machinery and equipment, included in the assessment calculation?
  • Is the tax classification correct?
  • How does the assessment compare to sales of similar properties in the area prior to the valuation date?
  • Has there been any demolition or contamination as of the reference date?

With the constantly evolving assessment regulations, it is imperative that your assets are thoroughly reviewed to ensure accuracy and compliance. Owning or operating a property contributes to a large portion of business expenses, and an expert review can identify potential opportunities for tax savings and mitigation.

More Information

Ryan’s property tax team has extensive experience with assessment law and jurisprudence. Combined with its collaborative approach to valuation issues and unmatched litigation experience, Ryan’s expertise can help you determine if a property valuation is appropriate and, where necessary, challenge the assessment.

For more information or to discuss your current situation, please contact your Ryan representative.

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