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Tax Alert | Alberta Pre-Roll 2024: What Is Pre-Roll and Why Is It Important?

Tax Development Oct 05, 2023

In many Alberta municipalities, Ryan’s tax teams are afforded an opportunity to engage in discussions with tax assessors regarding property assessment values for the upcoming tax year. This is essentially a “sneak peek” at the municipality’s potential assessment value for a nonresidential property for the upcoming year and is often referred to as “Pre-Roll” or the “Advanced Consultation Period.”

Throughout Pre-Roll, Ryan’s teams can exchange information with and provide site-specific clarifications to assessors prior to the release of an official annual assessment for a property.

By working collaboratively with the relevant municipality during this process, commercial property taxpayers will gain more insight on their upcoming property tax liability and have an opportunity to make any necessary corrections to values before they are finalized.

Pre-Roll offers greater tax certainty for both property owners and municipalities.

Key Dates for Alberta Pre-Roll:

  • Calgary: October 3, 2023 to November 4, 2023
  • Edmonton: October 12, 2023 to December 13, 2023
  • Rural Alberta Municipalities: Various dates. Please confirm with a Ryan tax professional if you are interested in certain municipalities.

Get in touch with Ryan’s property tax professionals today to take advantage of Pre-Roll for 2024.

Michelle Pink
Principal, Regional Leader, Property Tax