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Tax Alert | Preliminary Discussions for 2023 Alberta Property Tax Assessment Underway

Tax Development Jan 18, 2023

Secondary market assessors across Alberta are engaging in preliminary discussions with tax agents ahead of mailing out official 2023 Notices of Assessment.

What is a preliminary discussion period?

The preliminary discussion period is a tight window available to review and discuss property assessment values prior to an official Notice of Assessment.

Why take advantage of preliminary discussions?

This preliminary discussion period, typically between mid-January and the end of February, is when assessors have the most flexibility to collaborate with tax agents, review valuations, and negotiate changes to assessment values.

Once an assessment value is included in a Notice of Assessment, reviews and appeals to challenge the assessed value must follow a more formal process and issues typically take longer to resolve.

Conducting reviews of property values during the preliminary discussion period can reduce the cost and time involved in challenging a property tax assessment and result in tax savings for the property owner or tenant sooner.

How do I secure a preliminary review?

Our dedicated Rural Review team will be actively involved in negotiations with assessors in several municipalities over the next few weeks. Take advantage of these meetings to review and discuss your property assets within those areas. For further information on how our team can represent your interests during this negotiation window, please contact our technical information professionals.

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Ryan’s property tax team has extensive experience with assessment law and jurisprudence throughout Canada. Combined with its collaborative approach to resolving valuation issues, Ryan’s expertise can help you determine if a property valuation is appropriate and, where necessary, challenge the assessment.

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Michelle Pink
Principal, Regional Leader
Property Tax Complex