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Tax Alert | Alberta Property Tax Deadlines

Tax Development Jan 18, 2024

2024 Assessments Mailed

This month, taxpayers can expect to receive their 2024 assessment notices for properties in Calgary and Edmonton. With property assessments in Alberta being a municipal responsibility, the mailing dates and appeal deadlines differ by jurisdiction.

Assessment Mailing Date – January 3, 2024
Complaint Deadline – March 11, 2024

Assessment Mailing Date – January 15, 2024
Complaint Deadline – March 25, 2024

Reviewing Your Assessment 

During the annual assessment cycle, property owners and their representatives have the right to receive and review pertinent details, discuss particulars with municipal valuators, and challenge the assessed value through formal appeals. Communications with assessors and appeal applications must be received prior to the complaint deadline.

2024 Property Tax Rates

While final tax rates for both Calgary and Edmonton will not be set until the second quarter of 2024, municipal budgets have already been passed in both jurisdictions. For nonresidential property owners in Calgary, the budget for 2024 includes a 3.4% property tax increase. In Edmonton, that number jumps to 6.6%.

Note that taxpayers can only appeal the assessed value of a property, not the tax rate applied to a property.

Key Considerations 

Preliminary 2024 assessments in Calgary and Edmonton have shown significant increases in the valuations for hotels and most industrial properties. Beyond the council-approved budget increases mentioned previously, which will put upward pressure on tax liabilities, these sectors will see above-average tax hikes for 2024.

The property tax experts at Ryan analyze each property’s assessment to ensure the fairness and equity of the municipal valuations. Our expertise gives property owners confidence that their tax liability is correct and fair, and our advocacy can often lead to a reduction in the assessed value, translating into tangible property tax savings for our clients.

More Information

Our team of property tax professionals leverage industry-leading software and unparalleled professional experience to review and challenge property tax assessments across all property types and locations in North America. We can advise and assist you through the entire assessment process.

If you have any questions or concerns about your 2024 assessment in Alberta, please contact your Ryan representative or use the form below.