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With the number of desk audits initiated by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) seemingly on the rise, and many of our clients receiving inquiries about amounts reported on their GST/HST Returns, we’re often asked about the statutory time limits for audits.

GST/HST Audit Periods

Question:      How far back can an auditor go during a GST/HST audit?

Answer:        The general audit period for GST/HST purposes is limited to four (4) years from the day on which the return for the period was required to be filed. However, where a return is filed late, the audit period is four years from the date the return was filed. Note that it is the date of the Notice of (Re)Assessment that must be within the four-year time limit, rather than the audit start date. In addition, the time limit for assessments can be extended in cases of fraud or misrepresentation due to neglect, carelessness or willful default.

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