When purchasing a property for development purposes, it is essential that the developer is familiar with market nuances of that neighbourhood, understands the impact of modelling the end product correctly, and has real-time knowledge of land prices, city charges, and density costs together with general hard costs. Ryan can help. We specialize in understanding the current market conditions and local zoning regulations. This allows us to provide an unbiased “best use” evaluation of land or any potential development or redevelopment. 

Our in-depth knowledge of zoning and development regulations ensures that the underlying assumptions that lead to the ultimate valuation are sound and accurate. Our reports clearly state our assumptions, allowing you to look at alternatives should you determine if a “variance request” is in order. Our relationships with other developers and lenders give us the ability to help you understand the market. We are here to help you maximize value, minimize risk, and support you on the development journey, including the following: 

  • Valuations of multifamily residential and ICI properties
  • Land valuations and modelling for different uses
  • Construction financing valuations (“as if complete” valuations and land residual reports)
  • CACs and bonus density negotiations
  • Highest and best-use analyses
  • Site selection and market studies
  • Self-assessed GST reports upon completion


Armed with the most current data and knowledge of the local market, we leverage this information to provide our clients with a competitive edge during each stage of the development process. This includes who is buying, previous offers, and how the buyer approaches the purchase.  

Our client base includes a high percentage of other developers, allowing us to follow today’s dynamic market in real time. We share knowledge on how best to maximize their return based upon existing and likely future demand.

Having an in-depth knowledge of development costs, we provide our clients with a detailed check against their pro forma assumptions. Using renowned software suites, we can model cash flow, risk, and internal rate of return factors for your development. This is valuable for both business planning and project financing.

Additional Services

Legal and Accounting

Legal & Accounting

Our team and processes ensure the delivery of appraisals that substantiate accurate and realistic values that withstand the most scrupulous accounting or legal scrutiny.

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Financial Institutions

Financial Institutions

Important lending decisions require reports with the most relevant information. Our specialists understand different regional specifications and property nuances that can provide the comprehensive data needed.

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At Ryan, we have a team of more than 25 appraisers backed with more than 45 years in business. Our professionals work with clients to develop the ideal appraisal strategy designed to support and improve their business plans.

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