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We provide the most reliable, up-to-date real estate appraisals in Canada. We look at each property through several lenses to ensure an accurate and unbiased valuation.

Our strength is in our reports and analysis as well as relationships to get real-time trusted market input. Not only do we examine the sales histories of similar properties (direct comparison approach), but we also provide both an income and discounted cash flow valuation, where applicable. Our reports include full rental details, including step ups, renewal assumptions, and rollover assumptions. This allows you to assess not only the realization value of the asset but also the quality and certainty of lease payments. Our reports, therefore, allow you to evaluate both the security and repayability of the loan. 

Our reports include updated regional economic data describing the provincial and local economic factors that may influence lending decisions and interest rate adjustments for the subject property. This analysis is particularly helpful when lending at a distance. 

Ryan specialists understand the different property types and regions of Canada. Our reports contain all relevant information, but our professionals are always available to answer any specific questions. It is important to understand the nuances of each market, and our professionals remain current on these varying differences, which is critical for risk assessment of the asset. 

Your job is making important lending decisions. Our job is providing you the information you need to succeed, including: 

  • Construction financing valuations
  • Refinancing reports
  • Acquisition valuations


If a company or organization is interested in ICI funding real estate or multifamily (new strata projects or rental apartments) property, our team can help. We know how to develop the asset and security aspects of loan approval, helping credit decision makers to make sound collateral judgements. Our in-depth knowledge of the rental market, strata market, construction costs, proforma details, and competition (existing and pending) allows us to work with clients to develop risk management criteria based on the cash flow and repayability assumptions of commercial real estate lending. 

Additional Services

Legal and Accounting

Legal & Accounting

Our team and processes ensure the delivery of appraisals that substantiate accurate and realistic values that withstand the most scrupulous accounting or legal scrutiny.

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Successful developers have strong development plans. Our in-depth knowledge of zoning and development regulations ensures that the underlying assumptions used in the ultimate valuation are applicable to development planning.

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At Ryan, we have a team of more than 25 appraisers backed with more than 45 years in business. Our professionals work with clients to develop the ideal appraisal strategy designed to support and improve their business plans.

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