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Ryan Advocacy is dedicated to resolving tax disputes expeditiously by assisting clients with controversy resolution and legislative services, as well as protecting the rights of taxpayers through honest and fair public policy.

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Ryan Advocacy takes a holistic approach to analyzing fact patterns and legal issues to negotiate and resolve tax issues that deliver clients improved profitability and cash flow.  Our goal is to promote and maintain open and honest relationships with taxing authorities to resolve controversies quickly, fairly, and professionally, ensuring that clients pay only the taxes they owe—no more, no less.  Our highly skilled advocacy professionals are knowledgeable, effective, and have extensive experience supporting balanced tax policy that is mutually beneficial to tax administrators and the corporations conducting business in their jurisdictions. 

And while tax services are only a sideline at the national accounting firms, it’s all we do. We offer strategic advantages that are unmatched by ordinary accounting and consulting firms. Significantly, our services are not restricted by the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002. We do not perform audits, attest work, or render opinions on financial statements. Because of our exclusive focus on tax services, we serve as your advocate, without cumbersome regulatory restriction or the need for Audit Committee approval.


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Ryan Public Affairs delivered both timely and effective legislative advocacy strategy and support.
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Ryan is focused on your overall tax performance, providing innovative solutions to the underlying causes of the errors we identify and creating greater opportunities to measure and improve your efficiency, develop a more strategic approach to tax, and deliver outstanding value to your shareholders.