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Value-Added Tax

In an era of rapid globalization and complex international taxation, Ryan’s expertise in value-added tax (VAT) protects the cash flow, profitability, compliance, and accounting performance of global corporations operating worldwide.

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Value-Added Tax Services

Rapid globalization, increased global trade, and expanded distribution and production channels create significant international growth challenges for multinational corporations. Managing value-added tax (VAT) liabilities across a range of countries presents considerable financial risk, especially when the complexity of VAT is underestimated.

Ryan’s team of international VAT consulting professionals includes the industry’s most respected tax experts in North America and Europe. Our expertise in VAT recovery, compliance, and global deployment of tax automation solutions helps ensure our international clients are protected from overstated tax liabilities, interest charges, and costly penalties. 

VAT Recovery Services

Varying degrees of complexity and inconsistencies in international VAT rules present challenges for businesses managing their VAT recovery on a wide range of business purchases and employee expenses. As businesses grow, diversify, and move into new jurisdictions, accurate compliance is progressively more difficult. Small systemic errors multiplied exponentially over time can amount to material overpayments and operational challenges. Ryan assists clients in proactively managing these challenges while providing the necessary resources to prepare, submit, and manage the claims process through repayment from the tax authority. 

Our VAT recovery services include accounts payable (AP), foreign VAT, and VAT return reviews to help clients identify their VAT liabilities and ensure that their systems and processes are efficient and their tax determinations and reporting are accurate. Utilizing our proprietary indirect tax review software, Ryan consultants can examine more than one million transactions at a time to identify refund savings opportunities. Additionally, we utilize specialized data extraction for AP transactions, invoice retrieval, and disclosures to ensure the process is non-intrusive, independent, and respectful of our clients’ resources.

Strategic VAT Advisory Services

Perhaps the greatest value we provide our clients is the transfer of VAT knowledge and expertise gained through advising many of the world’s largest multinational companies on a range of indirect tax matters. Ryan’s strategic VAT advisory services focus on our client’s overall tax performance, creating greater opportunities to measure and improve efficiency, develop a more strategic approach to tax, and deliver outstanding shareholder value.

Ryan’s Strategic VAT Advisory Services include:

  • VAT Planning – Identifies opportunities to reduce VAT liabilities, improve cash flow, and minimize compliance costs
  • Supply Chain Management – Provides strategic indirect tax optimization of the supply chain
  • Cross-Border Transactions – Provides extensive knowledge and research of international cross-border transaction rules and regulations to support the efficient management of the complex compliance obligations
  • Mergers and Acquisitions – Structures merger and acquisition (M&A) deals to avoid hidden tax consequences and help determine whether the acquisition itself is subject to VAT
  • Customs Duties Consulting – Minimizes customs and VAT tax exposure because certain customs facilities can be extended to include VAT

VAT Automation Services

Ryan’s international VAT practice dramatically improves efficiency and profitability through the use of innovative, technology-enabled tax automation solutions, including the advanced configuration or implementation of our clients’ business systems. We understand that the implementation of tax technology and automation solutions demands a strong return on investment, and we work diligently with our clients to identify the features and benefits that underpin the business case.

Ryan’s VAT Automation Services include:

  • Global Tax Optimization – Unlocks the value of technology through an in-depth assessment and outline of best practices for improving tax efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Tax Engine Deployment, Automation, and Planning – Provides a holistic approach to software implementation to develop optimum processes, build business-relevant tax research, assist with interface design and development, configure and implement tax technology solutions, integrate tax returns, train system users, and manage the post implementation process.
  • ERP Deployment and Assurance Services for Tax – Implements and configures Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems such as SAP and Oracle® to maximize efficiency and effectiveness.

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