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Ryan’s Transaction Tax practice is the largest in North America and recognized for identifying tax-saving opportunities and aggressively fighting for those dollars, ensuring that no issue or opportunity for tax minimization is left unrealized.

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Transaction Tax Services

Ryan creates transaction tax savings opportunities by relentlessly searching out smart, innovative ways to cut through dense codes, rulings, records, and the other tax minutiae that comes with them. We commit every day to sifting through, drilling down, and peeling back the intricacies of asset classification and filing nuances for as long and as far as it takes to discover a truly significant opportunity for our clients to recover taxes that they should not have paid in the past, and to keep more of what’s theirs in the future. 

We have unparalleled expertise in a full range of transaction taxes, including:

Ryan manages the audit process from beginning to end, minimizing the client’s burden to the fullest extent. Ryan Transaction Tax professionals work side-by-side with tax technology experts to extract the data necessary for audit defense and refund reviews. We handle the arduous process of producing records for the state and securing files required to build a case. We manage the day-to-day information flow between our client and the taxing authority to ensure timely, complete, and accurate responses and assist with accelerated dispute resolution processes to reduce the costs and other burdens associated with audit defense activities. As needed, we meet with auditors, dispute resolution officers, administrative hearings attorneys, and other agents to clearly identify all positions that impact our client’s ability to achieve a favorable outcome.

Ryan professionals rely on expertise, experience, and skilled execution to deliver outstanding value through a suite of transaction tax services, including:

  • Audit Representation – Ryan manages the audit process from beginning to end, ensuring that we minimize our client’s burden to the fullest extent possible.
  • Tax Research Services – Ryan’s Tax Research services cut through complicated and constantly changing state and local tax rules to uncover the issues that truly matter to our clients. Our researchers not only analyze the law, they evaluate and verify individual circumstances to apply the law to each possible scenario. 
  • Audit Sampling Analysis and Evaluation – Ryan’s industry-leading Audit Sampling Analysis and Evaluation service has significant influence on the statistical and non-statistical sampling methods used by many taxing authorities. Our Audit Sampling Analysis and Evaluation professionals work directly with clients on audit sampling issues, as well as support Ryan engagement teams with training and advice, with the development of audit sampling plans and evaluations of samples, and with preparing and analyzing population data files in preparation of sampling for auditing.
  • Strategic Planning – Ryan’s Strategic Planning services focus on our client’s overall tax performance, creating greater opportunities to measure and improve efficiency, develop a more strategic approach to tax, and deliver outstanding shareholder value. Through benchmarking current performance, identifying best practices in relation to peer and historical performance, and measuring the delta between reality and the potential of our client’s tax department, Ryan provides a clear strategic plan for transforming the tax function into a Tax Competency Center.
  • Tax Technology – We provide a comprehensive approach to help our clients plan, select, and implement sophisticated tax technology solutions that deliver significant value to the global compliance process, from strategy and risk management to delivery. We support the strategic selection, implementation, and maintenance of technology solutions that optimize our client’s tax function, reducing the risk of tax overpayment, and sharing industry knowledge and best practices.
  • Utility Exemption Studies – Ryan’s comprehensive methodology for collecting utility consumption data to identify existing and previous patterns of utility consumption in relation to the exemption process ensures accurate and thorough validation of exemption claims and utility refund applications.
  • Voluntary Disclosure and Registration – Ryan’s Voluntary Disclosure and Registration services assist corporations in negotiating voluntary disclosure agreements (VDAs) with the most favorable results possible. We have experts in each tax specialty who have assisted clients with VDAs in many jurisdictions.

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Ryan’s handling of our sales and use tax audit saved us a significant amount of money.
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Ryan is focused on your overall tax performance, providing innovative solutions to the underlying causes of the errors we identify and creating greater opportunities to measure and improve your efficiency, develop a more strategic approach to tax, and deliver outstanding value to your shareholders.