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Ryan’s Employment Tax practice helps global corporations minimize risk and recover unidentified state and federal employment tax refund opportunities before they expire.

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Employment Tax Services

Workforce globalization and the introduction of new and complex payroll tax laws every year make it difficult for companies to fully understand the impact these laws have on their payroll tax positions. Also, the incorrect interpretation of current tax laws and administrative policies often results in payroll tax overpayments that could be impacting a company’s bottom line. Many of these companies have undiscovered employment tax refund opportunities that, left unaddressed, will expire because of statute of limitation issues.

Our team of professionals helps Global 5000 corporations minimize business risk while improving financial performance and operational effectiveness through a suite of federal, state, and local payroll tax recovery and compliance services.

We ascertain refund opportunities and quantify the refunds, present a report detailing the refunds/savings based on the applicable state and federal laws, provide completed refund claims for review and signature, and follow up to ensure all applications are processed quickly and completely. Our reviews are conducted with no disruption to the daily operations of the payroll staff, simply requiring copies of all Federal Form 940 returns for the previous three years via electronic mail.

Our consulting services related to human resources process improvement, stock and equity compensation taxation, regulatory issues, tax audit support, enterprise risk management, human resources and payroll systems planning, mergers and acquisitions, organizational restructuring, and Sarbanes-Oxley compliance have improved the efficiency and effectiveness of multinational companies across the world.

Ryan’s suite of Employment Tax services include:

  • Employment tax recovery services
  • State information reporting and income withholding
  • Independent contractor versus employee state determination
  • State unemployment insurance (SUI) rate review and analyses
  • Payroll apportionment factor review
  • Global mobility taxation
  • Day-to-day global employment tax consulting
  • Payroll process and controls review and process improvement
  • Multistate income tax withholding and reporting compliance
  • Internal Review Code Section 1441 review and compliance

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Ryan's strategic approach and insight into our future employment tax liabilities helped control costs, eliminate underpricing, and enhance profitability.
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