• Principal, Economics Partners – a Ryan Company, Washington, D.C. office
    • Specializes in providing economic consulting services in the fields of transfer pricing and tax valuation for nearly 15 years to clients in a variety of industries, including private equity, consumer products, building materials, apparel, automotive, pharmaceuticals, commodities, and computers.
    • Performs a variety of economic analyses, including enterprise valuation, intangible asset valuation, and various transfer pricing analyses.
    • Extensive experience designing and structuring the terms of transactions, as well as defending these terms as part of audits, advance pricing agreements, and their proceedings with tax authorities.


  • Partner, transfer pricing and business valuation firm
  • Vice President, Transfer Pricing, global consulting firm
  • Senior Manager, transfer pricing consulting firm
  • Manager, Big Four accounting firm


  • Defending Valuations for Equity Transfers of Chinese Enterprises, CRA Insights, September 2011 (with Peter Chen)
  • The Impact of the Ways and Means Committee Hearing on MNCs in the US, CRA Insights, October 2010 (with Kathrine Kimball and Nicole Bordeleau)
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Mr. Urken frequently presents on issues relating to transfer pricing and valuation at conferences and seminars.

  • Transfer Pricing Issues and Solutions for Loss Making Entities, presented with Bob Alltop and Brian Vincent at the International Fiscal Association’s Annual Meeting, Washington D.C., March 2012
  • Transfer Pricing Controversy and Dispute Resolution, participated in a panel at the IBC International Transfer Pricing Summit, London, March 2012
  • The Future of Intangibles & Comparison Between Jurisdictions, moderated panel at the Asia-Pacific Transfer Pricing Summit, Hong Kong, October 2011
  • Use of Statistics in Transfer Pricing – A Primer, presented with Mark Bronson at the NABE Transfer Pricing Symposium, Arlington, Virginia, July 2011
  • The Importance of the Ways and Means Committee Transfer Pricing Hearings, Webinar, September 2010
  • Economic and Transaction-Based Support for the Transfer of Business Risk Among MNC Affiliates, presented at the Marcus Evans Transfer Pricing Conference, Washington, D.C., March 2010
  • Advance Pricing Agreements, presented with Bob Alltop at ATLAS Tax Symposium on International Transfer Pricing, Chicago, June 2009
  • Manufacturing and Distribution Conversion Models, presented at the China Transfer Pricing & Risk Management Conference, Hong Kong, December 2008
  • Transfer Pricing for Business Valuation Professionals, presented as part of a Business Valuation Resources Teleconference, June 2008
  • Transfer Pricing Issues in the Private Equity Industry, presented at the Private Equity Financial Management Summit, New York, May 2007 and May 2008


  • Master of Business Administration Degree, International Finance and European Studies, The George Washington University
  • Bachelor of Arts Degree, Politics, Brandeis University