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Oklahoma Shortens Statute of Limitations for Filing Sales and Use Tax Refund Claims from Three Years to Two Years

Tax Development Jun 10, 2016

On Monday, June 6, 2016, Governor Mary Fallin signed Oklahoma House Bill 3205, which reduced the period for filing a sales and use tax refund claim from three years to two years. Any taxpayer that has erroneously paid Oklahoma sales or use tax may file a claim for refund within two years of the date of payment of the tax. The Oklahoma Tax Commission may accept an amended sales or use tax report or return as a verified claim for refund if either establishes a liability less than what was provided on the original report or return.

This shortened two-year statute of limitations is effective August 25, 2016. Although the limitations period for sales tax refund claims changed from three years to two years, the limitations period for audits remains at three years.