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Fulton County Georgia Board of Tax Assessors Resolves to Re-issue all 2017 Assessment Notices

Tax Development Jun 30, 2017

On June 28th, the Fulton County (Georgia) Board of Tax Assessors voted to approve a resolution passed by the Fulton County Commissioners. The resolution directed the Assessor’s Office to re-issue 2017 assessment notices to all Fulton County taxpayers, including commercial property owners. The resolution follows several weeks of turmoil and public outcry over the dramatic increases in the values of most single-family residences.  

Today, June 30th, the Fulton County Assessor’s Office published a notice summarizing the revised assessment schedule. Tax values for residential properties will be reset at the 2016 values for 2017, with limited exceptions. Values of commercial properties will remain at the initial 2017 values also with limited exception. Notable exceptions include a physical change in the property or properties with a change in exemption status.

The Assessor’s Office will mail notices to all taxpayers in the coming days notifying them of the changes. The new round of assessment notices, which are expected to be issued in the first half of August, will result in a new appeal deadline 45 days from the issuance date of the new notices for all properties. It is important to note that all previously filed appeals will be considered null and void, thus it is imperative that previously appealed properties are appealed again once the new notices are issued.

For additional information, view the Fulton County issued 2017 property assessment fact sheet here.


Chris Boyer

Jonathan Hull