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Jefferson County, Alabama Property Tax Notices

Tax Development Jul 15, 2020

Jefferson County, Alabama 2020 Property Tax NoticesOn Monday, June 29, Jefferson County, Alabama property tax notices were issued with an official appeal deadline of July 29, 2020. The values reverted to the original 2019 values despite the possible effects COVID-19 could have had on businesses and property owners in the area. The Alabama Department of Revenue has instructed the county chief appraisers to hold off any COVID-related relief for the 2020 tax year and use the date of value of October 1, 2019. These increases are typically above market, and property owners should consider aggressively pursuing appeals for the 2020 tax year.

Please reach out to the experts at Ryan regarding this decision to discuss how to avoid overpayment. If you have any questions, please visit our COVID-19 Updates site, as our experts are in constant contact with the jurisdictions and make updates to the site as notifications become available.


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