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Commercial Property Owners in Athens-Clarke County, Georgia Under Appeal May Face Budget Challenges

Tax Development Sep 30, 2022

Commercial Property Owners in Athens-Clarke County, Georgia Under Appeal May Face Budget Challenges

Property owners in Athens-Clarke County, Georgia may face challenges when budgeting because of 2022 tax bills carrying over to 2023. The Tax Commissioner’s Office has not issued tax bills for those properties currently under appeal; therefore, there is little to no visibility into the 2022 bills despite the October 20, 2022 deadline. While taxpayers with properties under appeal will not be held to the deadline, once an appeal has been settled and finalized with the Tax Assessor’s Office, a revised bill will be issued and due within 60 days. Tentative Board of Equalization appeal hearing dates are between October 19 through December 28, 2022, which means 2022 tax bills could be due in 2023. This policy is unique to Athens-Clarke County, and information is not readily available online to taxpayers. Though some properties currently under appeal may have bills viewable online, they have not been issued, and the policy still applies.

The experts at Ryan continue to assist our clients by working directly with the Tax Assessor and Tax Commissioner and navigating the appeal process. Please reach out if you have any questions.


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