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Missouri Becomes Last State to Adopt Remote Seller Tax Collection Requirement

Tax Development Jul 07, 2021

Missouri Becomes Last State to Adopt Remote Seller Tax Collection Requirement

With the enactment of S.B. 153 and 97 on June 30, 2021, Missouri became the last state with a sales tax to enact a law requiring remote sellers to collect Missouri tax for sales made into the state. The new law requires remote sellers and remote marketplace facilitators to collect and remit tax on sales when they have cumulative gross receipts in excess of $100,000. Missouri Governor Mike Parson had made passing this “Wayfair” legislation a top priority of his administration. He wanted to even the playing field between in-state brick and mortar businesses and out-of-state online retailers. The new law will be effective January 1, 2023. At that time, out-of-state online retailers will be required to collect and remit sales and use tax if they meet the nexus threshold. The change in the law will not be retroactive.

Ryan’s sales and use tax experts can assist businesses in signing up for the new obligations and in the collection and remittance of these taxes.


Mark L. Nachbar

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