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Property Owners in Santa Clara County Are Eligible for Tax Bill Relief

Tax Development Feb 04, 2021

Property Owners in Santa Clara County Are Eligible for Tax Bill Relief

Commercial property owners across the United States have all been negatively impacted by the pandemic over the last year; some may argue those in California have suffered the hardest hit to their bottom line. To help owners recover, the Santa Clara County Assessor’s Office is giving taxpayers the opportunity to reduce their 2021–2022 taxes.

The Santa Clara County Assessor’s Office is actively reaching out to request information from taxpayers whose properties may have been affected by COVID-19, as they would like to enroll the reductions prior to the deadline of February 26, 2021. Larry Stone, County Assessor, recently conducted a webinar to educate commercial property owners impacted by the COVID-19 recession about potential property tax relief. Click here to review presentation. 

What If I Have Not Received a Request from the County?

The experts at Ryan are currently assisting clients with requesting informal reviews and collecting the necessary documents to support the value reduction. Please reach out to the contacts listed below for more information by February 8, 2021.


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