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Solano County Offers Tax Relief to Property Owners in California

Tax Development Mar 03, 2021

Solano County Offers Tax Relief to Property Owners in California

In an effort to offer relief to property owners in California, county assessors are actively reaching out to request information from taxpayers whose properties may have been affected by COVID-19. Last month, Santa Clara County offered tax relief, and now the Solano County Assessor’s Office is allowing tax payers the opportunity to pursue appeals prior to assessments being issued in July.

Many taxpayers have already received requests for information from the county. The assessed values for the January 1, 2021 lien date will be released by the assessor in July, and the formal appeal deadline will be September 15, 2021. The experts at Ryan are currently assisting clients with requesting informal reviews and collecting the necessary documents to support the value reduction for Solano County as well as preparing for the deadlines below: 

  • San Francisco, March 31
  • Alameda, May 1
  • San Joaquin, September 15
  • San Mateo, October 31
  • Contra Costa, November 30
  • Placer, December 31
  • Stanislaus, December 31 

If you have questions or need assistance, contact Ryan today. 


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